Basic Strategy

When an applicant responds to an office action, we make proposals not only of regular argument and amendment but also of strategic amendment, divisional application, early examination, examiner interview at an appropriate time. We propose an amendment to control claims to conform to products of other companies for a work related application, and to conform to a standard for a standard related application. We have abundant experiences of strategic prosecution. Please utilize our skills for your intellectual property strategy.

Teamwork in Action

Washida & Associates is committed to quality and client satisfaction. We recognize that a quality work product is the result of mutual understanding and clear communication. Clients who have experienced a traditional workflow, where multiple attorneys working in multiple firms work in isolation with different responsibilities, welcome the simplicity of our integrated workflow to international patent prosecution.

Our integrated approach to international patent prosecution emphasizes personal responsibility and teamwork among the various professionals members of our firm. As a result, we strive for quality through communication, both oral and written communication, with our clients and clear understanding with the various patents offices where our clients seek to procure their patent rights. For example, we conduct a team meeting on each pending international application to ensure clear understanding of our clients’ objectives and to ensure our recommendations are clearly communicated to the client by a native-speaking patent attorney. Based on this clear understanding, we frequently conduct Examiner Interviews to ensure the relevant patent office has a clear understanding of the technology involved and to correct any language difficulties that may have occurred - during translation, for example.

Traditonal Workfrow
Integrated Workfrow