Firm History

Washida & Associates was founded.
The first office was a room at Washida's private residence.

Operation was started in a building in Tama Center with five employees.

Technical area was extended to mobile communications.

The number of foreign applications increased. Partnership with foreign attorneys, acceptance of business trainees and participation in seminars started.

Data management system was introduced.
Large scale international projects started.

Shinjuku office opened. Foreign patent applications increased.

Translation department was established. A workflow for collecting foreign IP laws and rules was created.

Support for corporate intellectual property management, technical consulting and patent search service started.

Affiliation with oversea intellectual property firms was reorganized for increasing foreign patent applications. Support for coordinating association between industries, national universities and the government and back up of ventures, medium and small businesses started. Tama head office expanded.

Reorganization of affiliation with oversea intellectual property firms proceeded.
A department specialized in foreign applications was established for increasing foreign patent applications. New graduates and staff recruited from overseas joined.
Practical business training started abroad.
Shinjuku office moved and expanded.

Chemistry/Biotechnology department was established and handling of patent applications in chemistry was launched. Patent applications in China via the PCT and other routes significantly increased.

Chinese team in the translation department was enhanced and new filing operation flows for Chinese patent applications were established. Beijing translation conference was held. New personnel and training system were introduced.

HR department was reorganized. The translation department attended an international translation forum in Shanghai. Meetings with foreign firms increased.

More opinions and prior art search projects were undertaken. A US attorney and experienced Japanese attorneys and agents, administrators and translators joined the office. New workflows were introduced to clients.

W&A exhibited at Beijing Patent Information Fair. Marketing to German companies became active. W&A global network was strengthened.

The headquarters and the branch office were integrated in one office in the Nishi-Shinjuku business area. The foreign application group was reinforced by a newly hired US patent attorney and a paralegal. The foreign administrative department was strengthened by newly hired experienced administrators. Applications in image processing by new clients increased.

Washida network expanded to Southeast Asia to meet clients' demands. Internal document search system was renewed.

W&A participated in IP related international meetings. US Washington office was expanded and improved.

Washida IP USA was integrated with Brundidge & Stanger, P.C. The new structure is capable of accepting a broader range of requests.

New solution services for intellectual property departments are introduced.

20th Anniversary
More applications were filed. More attorney and agents with different backgrounds joined.

W & A started offering proposal-based services to new clients.
More attorneys joined to W & A to handle drastically increased filing requests from existing and new clients.

Litigation support in Germany Received first filing request from Korean National Research Institute

Re-registered as Patent Professional Corporation.
Established Foreign Operation Division to handle ever-increasing international filings.

Started Active Use of Web Conferences.