Dedication to Clients First

We make every effort to strengthen the future of our clients' businesses through the effective use of Japan Intellectual Property laws and Japan Patent Office rules. We understand that the goal of corporate intellectual property management is business protection. Accordingly, our primary goal when assisting our clients is “acquiring essentially exclusive patent rights for our client’s inventions” and “always taking measures that lead to the benefit of our clients”. We partner with our clients from the birth of their inventions through the filing of patent applications to protect their inventions and the enforcement of their patent rights once patent protection has been obtained.

In recent years, intellectual property has had a significant influence on not only corporate economy but also the national economy of a country. This influence is due to the increased importance of intellectual property rights and multi-national business activities. While the harmonization of intellectual property systems among countries is progressing globally, the national policy in each country is still affected by specific policies implemented by the Patent Office and legislation enacted by the government in each country.

Recently the Japanese intellectual property system is being developed according to the Intellectual Property Promotion Plan, a Japanese governmental strategy of promoting intellectual property in Japan. The Plan includes a policy that institutes systems in universities for the creation of intellectual property, reviews examination procedures for protection of intellectual property, and ensures strategic use of intellectual property and standardization. Thus, the environment for the creation, protection and utilization of intellectual property has improved rapidly in Japan. These improvements are stimulating the Japanese economy.

It is an important task for corporations to protect the future of their businesses by exploiting their intellectual property rights. A primary goal of intellectual property rights management is to protect a corporation’s business by enforcing their intellectual property rights against competitors. By enforcing their intellectual property rights, corporations can maintain a dominant market position or increase revenue by accepting license fees on licenses to known competitors. Needless to say, in order to achieve these goals, the acquisition of essentially exclusive patent rights is indispensable. As is well known acquiring such essentially exclusive patent rights can be difficult. However, our firm has been successful in obtaining essentially exclusive patent rights for our clients.

One of the basics of intellectual property rights management is to ensure “acquiring patent rights that function as exclusive rights”.

We support a corporation’s intellectual property rights management policies based on the above noted basics.

  • Firstly, we assist our clients in acquiring uniform patent rights globally that function as exclusive rights for the proper enforcement and strategic use of their rights.
  • Secondly, we provide all types of intellectual property related services to acquire and utilize patent rights that function as exclusive rights in all areas of an intellectual property department.

I’d like to close my greetings with our assurance that we will always give our best efforts on behalf of our clients to aid in the successful implementation of our clients’ business development goals.

Kimihito Washida

Patent Attorney
Washida & Associates